Meaning of 4Sing


We help clients experiment with alternative futures to give them a feeling for the strategic risks and opportunities at hand. The process opens minds to alternative strategy options and lets participants check if any given strategy will be robust/resilient, in all futures.

to Strategy

We assist organisations to develop strategic rules of thumb that align all stakeholders. The process identifies the options to pursue, and opens the door to running “safe to fail” experiments that can develop a strategy/policy progressively and organically.

for Security and Sustainability IN Governance

We ensure that public and corporate governance are conducted with a view to being sustainable - socially, ecologically and economically - in the future as well as today. Over the years, we have also had a focus on (often soft) security issues, which again need the application of long-term thinking.

Worldwide projects

Our projects have ranged from small and medium sized enterprise policy in Algeria, to role-playing competitors with chemicals company in Europe; from developing a strategy for a multi-modal transport project in Brazil, to helping colleagues in an Asian government design their own foresight an early warning system; and from helping build a peer-to-peer learning network for regional economic integration bodies world-wide, to identifying future IT challenges for a government agency in North America.