Golden Tourism? A view from a workshop in Georgia

We just ran a 2-day event for GIZ in Kachreti, Georgia, where participants from all 3 Southern Caucuses countries developed sustainable cross-border touristic products. Gold was a theme, as we

    1. Learnt of a trove of archaeological findings showing the region as a cradle of civilisation which then gave rise to the golden fleece myth;
    2. Discussed the Midas touch: bringing tourists to unspoilt villages, makes them richer. But some use the money to build concrete horrors…
    3. Realised that the boom of tourists from Germany is driven by the golden agers (retirees), and there is a need to reach other target groups;
    4. Enjoyed dinner in a super restaurant and winery in Sighnagi, named after the owner Okro(shvili). And guess what, Okro means gold…
    5. Had fantastic participants from the region and beyond (e.g. Albania, Germany, USA), whose contributions were worth their weight in gold!

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