Knowledge Sharing on Nutrition, Cotonou

A week in Cotonou Benin runing a knowledge sharing event in French and English, with 70 participants based in 12 African and Asian countries focused on food and nutritional security. C’était merveilleux de voir comment les participants de différents pays et continents ont réussi – malgré les barrières linguistiques – d’apprendre les uns des autres. Some local newspapers in any case reported on the opening: Some insights for me included: – Granting land to women to grow crops does not seem to improve their nutritional diversity. Perhaps they spend more time working, and have less time to eat diverse food types? – Les menaces qui peuvent provoquer l’insécurité alimentaire sont nombreux, et ne sont pas uniquement liées à la météo et la guerre, mais sont souvent les choses plus simple, tels que l’accaparement des terres ; – In struggles between sedentary populations growing crops and pastoralists practicing transhumance, the fact that cattle have a “bad” CO2 balance, could become another excuse for the former to say “stop your damaging herding practices”, and clear off my land – something that will aggravate existing conflicts.