The difference between a “shout room” and an “echo chamber”

The difference between a “shout room” and an “echo chamber” is already obvious in the literal sense, but is not yet understood by all decision-makers. The idea of consultations in terms of involving not only the opinion, but also the knowledge of involved stakeholders is, at best, known, yet not widely applied.

This series of workshops in the context of the EU’s Eastern Partnership is therefore a particular pleasure, because we can show the possibility of constructive and pragmatic consultations. Within one morning, we have prioritised different implementation options for various intervention areas and defined initial activities for those priorities. Even better, we found the right partners for the different levels, which ranged from general economic, agricultural and infrastructure development to young and female entrepreneurship, financial and investment policy and industry policy.

And by the way, Chișinău is a beautiful place to see! No regrets when it comes to hospitality and creatively styled restaurants, great food and the famous Moldovan wine included. I would like to come again and discover the countryside.

knowledge-sharing, multi-stakeholder strategy