Allocating different roles in Virtual Meetings with Virtual Backgrounds

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we have all been forced to work online as much as possible. In an online session it is not always easy to keep the attention of participants, and make the event lively. Therefore, 4sing developed a series of Virtual Background that can help anybody to moderate an Online Session more effectively. This first set of Virtual Backgrounds show different roles, for example roles in the meeting itself, such as “Moderator” (the chairperson of the meeting), “Rapporteur” (the person who is summarising what is being said), but possible roles that you may have colleagues play, in order to elicit how outsiders may think of a proposal such as “Customers” or “Citizens”. Before the meeting or at the beginning of the meeting you can announce who should take which role in the meeting. In some cases it will remind people of what their role is, in other cases it will encourage participants to give inputs and voices from a different certain perspective. As the Backgrounds can be constantly visible with the camera, they can be used to remind a participant to stay in their role, and others to understand why they are taking a particular point of view – one that in a hierarchical organisation, may be challenging what a boss has said.


We are very happy to make these backgrounds available to our friends and partners. To download the set of roles, click here.

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