Inspire to include Foresight in Virtual Meetings with Virtual Backgrounds

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, we have all been forced to work online as much as possible. In an online session it is not always easy to keep the attention of participants, and make the event lively. Therefore, 4sing developed a series of Virtual Background that can help anybody to moderate an Online Session more effectively.  In a previous post, we already shared a first set of Virtual Backgrounds showing different roles, for example “Moderator” or “Rapporteur”, and “Customer” or “Citizen”.

We now wish to offer a second set of backgrounds, that a moderator would use when developing alternative future scenarios of how the business environment may change.  For example, when building scenarios, one scenario is almost always a “Business as usual” scenario. In other words, what the mainstream consensus is regarding how the future may develop. After having developed this scenario, the moderator may then change the background to being “an unexpected change”…  The whole group should now think what that change may be, and how it would cause the business environment to evolve. You could also allocate different backgrounds to different individuals or groups of participants, so as they/their group focus on coming up with a scenario of a particular type, e.g. one group works on business as usual, whilst another works on an unexpected change.

We are very happy to make these backgrounds available to our friends and partners. To download the set of roles, click here.