Building resilience

Designed to show the various stages of the game.
The Floating City Simulator

Commerce has gradually over the years gravitated its business models in favor of business platforms. Digital platforms have become an omnipresent phenomenon, portraying more resilience in the current struggle against the pandemic, while some traditional business models have not managed to survive the platform revolution. Growing a platform in a balanced manner is always crucial. 

It is with this in mind that we tried out a game developed by Leena Ilmola, Phill White and Brenda Fox (of Global X-Centers Network). It is called The Floating City Simulator Platform and the game gives players a broader understanding of the platform economy and the platform ecosystem through building and then running an imaginary platform in a simulator. The simulator is aimed at satisfying the needs of the citizen and increasing their happiness in their different aspects of life be it either socially or health and wellbeing. Gaining experience in the key principles applied n business such as 1) Multi sided transactions, 2) The network effect, 3) Ecosystem 4) Resilience is the road leading towards a winning platform. The simulator includes different story modes with extreme events like a Tsunami which serve to teach resilience. 

Have fun trying it out!

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