5 points for back to office strategies

A highly enjoyable workshop with a client on Monday about the challenges of returning to the office after the Summer. We agreed it will not be going “back to usual” as:

A. COVID will still be an issue, even where vaccinations are widespread.
B. We have learnt a lot thanks to COVID and want to do things differently!

Let me pick up on 5 points emerging, which are common findings between thins and 2 other clients we worked with on the same issue:

1. Those located outside HQ want important meetings to remain virtual! All are equal on Zoom whereas having a speakerphone and camera in a room full of people does not work.

2. It will be vital to increase the opportunities for informal networking. This should not only be left to chance, especially if some formal meetings stay virtual.

3. Working location and time needs to remain flexible. There may be certain times when everybody must be available, but no, not everybody needs to be in one place at one time!

4. Inclusion will be an issue as otherwise there is a risk that those working flexibly are “out of sight, out of mind” (promotion prospects suffer). New mechansims are needed to let everybody shine.

5. Preparing the back to office strategy is best done as a team effort, as distributed learning is the key feature of this last year – everybody sits somewhere else and sees something different as a result!

lively event