Moving forward an unemployment insurance fund in Tunisia with the help of long-standing colleagues.

It was a great pleasure to complete the final workshop of a scenario-to-strategy project for creating an unemployment insurance fund in Tunisia. By looking at future challenges before identifying the strategic options that each social partner (government, trade unions, employers) preferred, it was possible to build common ground. Many thanks to Andrea Ben Mahmoud, Lukas A. Bauer, Anja Weckwert and their colleagues for the interesting – and often challenging – project, which is moving forward well, now that a draft Bill has emerged.

In this project, our team of Petra Wiesbrock Adrian Taylor, and myself worked well together, with two of us being on the ground in Tunis, and Adrian often contributing virtually. Moreover, this visit we realised that Adrian and I have worked on and off for together for some 16 years. Always a pleasure and so thanks to Mohamed El-Khawad and Michael Gajo for having made the link back then, and looking forward to more successful projects in the future.

foresight-to-strategy, multi-stakeholder strategy