The Future of Mobility

Spent a very enjoyable couple of days with a diverse group looking at the future of mobility in the greater Geneva area!  We already have four basic scenarios and made a start at identifying some of the skills and jobs that will be needed to ensure the transition to a greener future, which also brings jobs and a higher quality of life without restricting necessary movement.

What I found most interesting was the general agreement that it is not just skills within the realm of mobility itself that need to change (although, yes, you will also need car mechanics who can handle electrical vehicles, not just internal combustion engines). It transpires that there are many broader skill sets needed for the transition – especially the ability for the private AND public sectors to think ahead – i.e. apply foresight and take decisions accordingly. Moreover, we will need people who think across silos – e.g. urban planners who are also landscape artists to re-think our cities spaces.

Looking forward to many other up-coming “future of” events with the Nomads Foundation, and thanks to Sabrina Cohen Dumani and Innosuisse for making it happen!

Also great to travel from Hamburg to Geneva and back in train! A pleasant journey which just shot bye, largely as we sat on the same train for much of the journey, and as I was in the company of my colleague Jonathan Buhl.