Exploring the next generation of meetings

We had the pleasure today to take a group of just under 20 people through their paces to explore i) how future virtual meetings may look, and then ii) to look again at the present to see what opportunities and threats – as well as best practices – are at hand right now.

It was excellent to see that this (non-tech) group mastered Kumospace and Frame well, not to mention the various other tools we put their way so as to visualise the discussions taking place.  Moreover, it again became clear, that no matter what the tools/methods/platforms are, the key point is you need people to have thought about how to run the meeting efficiently in advance, to have planned and prepared every step, and then a couple of folks who are focused on the facilitation/animation/moderation to make it really work smoothly.

Thanks in any case to all participants for having been very interactive, and to Petra, Sebastian and Lindiwe for running the show.


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