More direct highspeed train travel in Europe

(About to be) stucked in Airports these days?
We need more highspeed nonstop train connecting major cities now! Is my personal opinion and wish of many of us here at 4Sing. We are committed to lower our CO2 footprint – which is largely caused by travel. Hence, in the last months we all happily shifted more often – even as a default choice – to train travel. But honestly larger distances remain a challenge. I had the great chance taking the direct (nearly) nonstop TGV by SNCF from Paris to Barcelona. This travel went by fast in only about 6hours and was a super comfortable direct city-center to city-center journey.
Therefore, I wish for more direct – less stops(!) – connections between major cities, as such can really cut into the emissions of air travel and provide great, fast and reliable mobillity. The announcement on a Berlin-Paris train thus made me very optimistic about the near future! #future #travel #connections #airports #paris #airtravel #berlin #deutschebahn

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