News of the Future: Energy

Imagine reading the news in June 2026 as follows:
– Electricity across EU is free again, any takers? –
For the third year the European Union experiences an overproduction of electricity, hence it is provided free to corporate consumers again by 1st of June for a full 4months by the EU Central Energy Authority.
Like in previous years the agency is providing funding for all necessary investment – and guarantees on top preferential contracts for the year round.
Ever since the gas shock of January 2023, the capacity for renewable Electricity has skyrocketed. However, simultaneously since that very Winter, the carbon based resource scarcity in Europe has only increased. China, Brazil, Russia and Venezuela have fully formalized their resource export ban to all ‘economic partners who do not embrace free and unrestricted democratic values’. The so called ‘Carbon Cartel’ known for market exclusions of companies unwilling to revoke corporate statements embracing diversity, reacted to the EU’s move by once again lowering their resource prices for rare earth metals to attract business to move into their countries.

How would you/your company/current project be affected/had to react in such a scenario?

Let us know in the comments, and let’s discuss foresight and future!
This blog post is part of 4Sing’s blog series News of the Future – a collection of fictional articles about possible future events that will shape the world of tomorrow. The articles are based on information we have collected, indicating weak signals for trends or risks. The future of food and its association to politics.