News of the Future: New training innovation platform encapsulated with exceptional potential

Imagine reading the news in September 2027:

Yesterday, Decentraland in cooperation with Udemy kicked off their new 3d hologram training platform with an online learning festival on Decentraland’s Campus. The rush and the demand were immense: Companies, schools and private individuals were present at the festival to discover the different worlds of learning. The offers are as diverse as the visitors: they range from interview training, training courses for negotiations, and dialogues about history to music lessons and even dating training. Also real-life copies of famous scientists, businessmen and philosophers are part of some training programs. Whether or not people who have already died could be simulated as well in the future was not commented on. Rumours indicate that this might be part of the business model, and a hologram-training with Einstein and Tesla is already in its pilot phase.

The platform is using a technique that is called tensor holography. It was already developed back in 2022, initially from the MIT, and took 5 years to be on the market. The tensor holography is a way to produce holograms instantly and the deep-learning-based method is so efficient that it can run on any ordinary laptop or better even a ”SMARTPHONE”. That means everyone willing to invest some time and a small amount of mana can create and offer a course on the new learning platform using holograms.
Decentraland’s CEO Ari Meilich explains: “So what’s happening is, the “trainers” are recording all information and answers that are transformed in a hologram and saved in a database”. “When you ask a question, the algorithm is looking through all of the database. It’ll then bring back what is the closest answer to your question.”

“I took an interview training course and I’m amazed how well it works,” says Mary, a festival participant. “The conversation I had was very realistic and I would have never imagined to learn that much from a 3D hologram! However, I also have to say that the hologram was not able to answer or to react to all my questions, so I guess there is still some work to be done to add more information to the database.”

Although there is still room for development, the current level of development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics brings the use of holograms to another level and presents an alternative to human communication. Decentraland announced at the festival that they want to go even further with the use of holograms – their online Health Hologram Care Centre in the Metaverse with Artificial Intelligence will be opening next month.

This blog post is part of 4Sing’s blog series News of the Future – a collection of fictional articles about possible future events that will shape the world of tomorrow. The articles are based on information we have collected, indicating weak signals for trends or risks.