It was interesting to see last week just how far Morocco has changed in the ten years since I last
visited it. Not only were the streets cleaner, I saw no longer tonnes (literally) of plastic bags strewn as
waste over the fields between the airport and town, and there was a very positive vibe among the
people I met. This is a country going places fast, and that is a welcome antidote to the horror stories I
hear of states on the verge of collapse further East – with Lebanon and Libya being just the most
Also interesting to see the signs of impact of the earlier project work I accompanied thanks to
Mohamed El-Khawad and Dieter Uh – energy efficient street lighting in many places, renewable
energy panels both on individual devices and larger collectors, not to mention even the odd
hybrid/EV (of course, a drop in the ocean, but much more than I have seen elsewhere in my recent
African wanderings).
A happy antidote to the current doom and gloom – although I fear the country could also be dragged
down by the same problems afflicting Europe.

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