The rise of business wargames

Wargames are an effective way to make use of business intelligence and anticipate your competitors’ next moves.

Business intelligence is often the unloved stepchild in a company. Data is collected but rarely pulled together to build a picture of the world around the company. Even less often are the insights gathered and spread back to those on the front line, or made usable as part of daily business. Frequently, the information gathered stays as data and is barely converted into knowledge.

It does not have to be that way. Business wargames are a valuable methodological approach to making sense of the data collected by business intelligence teams and others in the company.

5 Benefits for organisations using business wargames:

  1. Better understand competitors, suppliers, customers and regulators
  2. Anticipate what competitors, suppliers, customers and regulators may do next
  3. Reflect on the existing or future strategy
  4. Make proper use of business intelligence
  5. Exchange knowledge across the organisation

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