About: 4sing

A name easy to remember. We like complexity and diversity in people, thoughts and challenges and we help our clients to channel their creativity into solid strategies, based on visualized re-thinkable thoughts – wind-tunneled in different plausible scenarios of the future.

Planning and running expert workshops to overcome complicated challenges is our natural habitat and we also:

    • Run projects end-to-end;
    • Offer capacity building and foster organizational learning, where we we coach the client in developing their own foresight, playification and strategy capa-bility;
    • Embed our personnel in a client organization to complete a specific project;
    • Visualize and simulate complex systems, stories and competitors.

In all cases the emphasis is that the client knows their business/ policy area best, and we are simply empowering them to find the best solutions for their area of expertise. Often we also recommend that outside stakeholders be included in the process, so as to broaden the expertise available, and make sure all stakeholders are aligned in implementing the strategy.

Key features

Foresight: We help clients experiment with alternative futures to give them a feeling for the strategic risks and opportunities at hand. The process opens minds to alternative strategy options and lets participants check if any given strategy will be robust/ resilient, in all futures.

Strategy: We assist organizations to develop strategic rules of thumb that align all stakeholders. The process identifies the options to pursue, and opens the door to running “safe to fail” experiments that can develop a strategy/policy progressively and organically.

Playification: We use software tools to visualize work, and let management/stakeholders play with the results. Also, we have developed role-playing games to let management play other stakeholders, and see how they react to alternative strategic moves and future challenges.