Adrian Taylor

Fields of expertise

    • Participative methodologies for foresight and strategy;
    • Creating knowledge sharing environments and structures;
    • Developing project monitoring tools and using Open Source Intelligence;
    • Using software tools for enhancing dialogue;
    • Good governance, security and sustainability questions.

Current activity
Adrian Taylor runs ForeSight to Strategy for Security and Sustainability IN Governance (4Sing) GmbH, a consulting firm that helps both public and private sector clients to use foresight methods to formulate robust strategy options. As a consultant he helps clients develop their own in-house foresight to strategy capacities as well as running strategy processes himself. He has experience in using a very large number of methods from Design Thinking through to Scenario writing, and leverages Open Source Intelligence and software tools for supporting (but not in any way replacing) human reasoning to anticipate future changes in the world outside as well as to develop robust strategies and monitoring tools to evaluate the implementation of the strategies. In the course of his work he has had occasion to run projects in 38 countries of the world.

Previous experience
Adrian has over two and a half decades of working experience. Adrian started as a junior officer in the British Army, stationed in Gibraltar. He later became a lobbyist on EU matters, and a scenario planner in a joint venture with Global Business Network whilst based in Brussels. His stay in Belgium was then prolonged as he became an official at the European Commission (having passed the “concours”) taking up the post of Desk Officer for India in the Directorate General for External Relations. He then took leave of absence from the Commission to become a visiting “scholar-in-residence” at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta USA, before definitively resigning and working for Think Tools A.G, a software company making tools to support human reasoning processes, based in both Zurich and New York. He then joined the European School of Governance (eusg), a company specialised in supporting the public sector to improve its skills, tools and capabilities. He was also President of the European Open Source Intelligence Forum in parallel to his employment with the eusg.

Education & Training
Adrian’s education includes 1st Class Honours Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics Trinity College Oxford, and a Licence Spéciale (Masters) in European Studies with “Grande Distinction” from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Adrian is able to work in English, German, French, and Spanish speaking environments.

Adrian was born and raised in London, England, but has now spent 29 years living elsewhere, notably Gibraltar, Brussels, Atlanta, Zurich, New York, and Munich. He, his wife and three children currently reside in Hamburg.