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Eine Notiz zu Szenarien

Warum verwenden wir Szenarien für die strategische Planung? Weil wir Strategien dadurch robuster und widerstandsfähiger machen, wenn wir sie in verschiedenen plausiblen Zukunftsszenarien testen. Dabei geht allerdings es nicht um Vorhersage im Sinne einer Prophezeiung – das menschliche Gehirn ist eher schlecht darin, Eintrittswahrscheinlichkeiten komplexer Systeme mit multiplen interdependenten Vektoren zu beurteilen. Wenn wir von […]

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Growing awareness of Foresight, OECD, Paris

The Annual Meeting of the OECD Government Foresight Community (GFC) in Paris, 7-8 October, was again a high point for those following the future of governance and strategic foresight. Thanks to Strategic Foresight Counsellor Duncan Cass-Beggs and his excellent team, the Community is growing, with great presentations by Futurists, governments using foresight, researchers and practitioners […]

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Atelier de construction de scénarios prospectifs, Paris

De nouveau à Paris, en l’occurrence afin donner une perspective supplémentaire aux participants lors de la formation « Atelier de construction de scénarios prospectifs » de Futuribles. Merci à François de Jouvenel, Cécile Désaunay, et Corinne Roëls pour l’invitation. Comme toujours, beaucoup de personnes à rencontrer (merci à Marie-Hélène Caillol, Joshua Polchar, et Jean-Robert Bornand […]

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From one subject to another in the Netherlands and Germany

One of the perks of being a methods-based (rather than content expert) foresight and strategy consultant is the variety of sectors you get to work on. Last week it was detergents and agriculture, this week it has so far been renewable energy and (High-school) education, and tomorrow it is about printing!