Liquid Reign – Inspiring Fiction on Future

by Jonathan

 A most inspiring piece on a possible future! I strongly recommend reading this book by Tim Reutemann, who summarizes his work as follows:

Liquid Reign is a work of speculative fiction, imagineering a fairly liveable future in 2051, neither dys- nor utopian. Melting the boundaries between science and fiction into a novel format, each chapter provides links to the sources of inspiration influencing it – ranging from Jean Jacques Rousseau‘s social contract of 1762 to blockchain startups from 2018.”

Half-virtual workshop: It works!

by Adrian

Just completed a two-day workshop which involved distance participation from Kabul. The technology worked really well on day one, and even in a highly-interactive workshop format (no powerpoints, no presentations, only joint work on pin-boards) they were really well involved (at one point, we were all standing, and so were they in front of the TV screen, which (as it was integrated right next to the pin-board) gave the feeling we were all in one room.

Sadly on day 2 the technology failed miserably – so the lesson is: still be present if you can, but we are getting there with distance participation!