Creating a lively event

For organisations that want an insightful and interactive conference, seminar or panel, moderated in a way that stimulates the audience to be informed and engaged, so as to make the event stand out.

What can 4Sing offer?

For conferences, seminars and panels of all shapes and sizes, 4Sing can help in the prepation, delivery and documentation. Before the event starts, 4Sing identifies the client’s goals and helps to prepare the agenda, engages with the speakers, and prepares an annotated agenda outlining who does what, when. During the event, 4Sing can provide one or multiple moderaters, and electronic platforms for participants to interact with speakers and each other. After the event, 4Sing can summarise the key findings in a document, or an E-Book or even a film.

The nature each event will vary according to the objectives set by the client, and the themes they are dealing with. Hence there is no “one size fits all” recommendation. In some cases 4Sing will propose the use of software to enhance audience interaction, in other cases 4Sing will advise against it – depending on the circumstances at hand. In all cases, 4Sing assists the client to make the event as interactive as possible and to encourage those in the room to engage with others present, as they form a “strategic community” – a group of people with a common interest in the themes being discussed.

Why have a professional moderator?

Understandably, organisations sometimes give their own staff the role of moderator, or take a journalist for this role. However, often it is better to take an outsider who is focused on making events special, and who does not only know how to facilitate, but also to structure events and prepare a suitable documentation. 4Sing can provide support and assistance up-front in determining how to reach the organiser’s goals best, and can advise on how to structure the different sessions, in communicating with speakers and any relevant participants, as well as in interacting with those dealing with logistics. All in all, this makes for a lot less stress for the client, and a more polished experience for the participants.