Crowd-Sourced Expertise

For innovators who want to gather input on their plan from experts or stakeholders some of whom may be spread over a wide geographical area.

What can 4Sing offer?

4Sing can provide an end-to-end process for crowd-sourcing inputs on-line. This can start with advice as which experts or stakeholders should be engaged with, through definition of the questions and issues that need to be addressed, up to and including the transposition of these questions into the on-line collaboration software platform Futurescaper™. We can advise on the sorts of incentives that can be used to encourage participation of the experts and stakeholders, and, if that is desired, can recruit and organise the experts who are to participate. The outcomes of the crowd-sourcing depend on the question sought at the start, but can be the creation of alternative scenarios of the future (how the world in a particular region/theme may change) or can be the collection of best practice lessons (on themes, sectors or cross-cutting) or can be strategy recommendations. Importantly the comments of the various participants are linked to each other by the software, and we can help the client interpret the visual results that consequently emerge.

Why use crowd-sourced expertise?

In many cases the perceptions on an single issue of people sitting in very different jobs or locations will be different. In policy making, if the ambition is to ensure that a strategy or policy is robust, it becomes important therefore to collect the insights and inputs of many people in different jobs and locations. This is the starting point logic for a crowd-sourced project.