Establishing a Foresight Process

For senior officials who want to develop a forward looking policy framework drawing on the knowledge in their organisation and wish for support of neutral outsiders in this.

What can 4Sing offer?

4Sing can provide an end-to-end process that includes interviews with officials, before two or three workshops. The initial focus in the workshops is on goals, key decisions, the positions of other stakeholders, and how the outside world (those things over which the organisation does not have decisional power) could change in the future (“scenarios”). The focus in later workshops is on the strategic options available, and judging which options are robust whatever scenario may come to pass, and agreeing on an implementation plan.

Why develop your own policy/strategy using scenarios?

The process of developing scenarios of how the outside world may develop over the next couple of years allows officials to gain insight into the current and up-coming challenges in their area of competence and to decide on the key parameters of the strategy or policy they wish to pursue. By conducting the process with in-house staff participation, the knowledge derived is then retained.