Martina Kampmann

Fields of expertise

      • Foresight and futures research approaches in various countries;
      • Knowledge sharing with emerging economies;
      • Peer-to-peer learning, scenario planning and strategy development;
      • Digital governance approaches;
      • Institutional change processes in a multi-disciplinary environment;
      • Inequality, inclusive and sustainable development.

Current activity
Martina is an independent Senior Policy Expert on Strategic Partnerships, multi-stakeholder knowledge sharing and mutual learning networks, in theory and practice, and with a great number of partner countries in various policy areas. She is currently working on a research to compare Foresight approaches. She also advises a cultural Foresight project including scientists and civil society; she is engaged in Transparency in governance, and in promoting the various fields of the Sustainability Agenda.

Previous experience
Martina is a political scientist with a background from OECD and from GIZ and other international organizations. At the OECD she was Senior Counsellor at the Office of the Secretary General of the OECD. Her work included trans-disciplinary knowledge sharing and mutual learning in the Organisation and the establishment of the Knowledge Sharing capacities with emerging and developing countries. The topics involved OECD green growth and green urban development in Dynamic Asia; innovating public sector policies, open governance and civil society participation; anti-corruption programmes, Strategic Foresight and other strategic topics of global relevance.
Previously she was a senior manager at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), inter alia Director of International Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, working closely with the European Commission, the Worldbank Group, the regional banks, the UN system as well as with foundations and civil society organizations in Asia and Latin America. She was President of the ‘EU Practitioners Network’ working closely with the European Commission (2012-2013). She also worked on various strategic issues: e.g. government advise on the G8, G20 and other global networks; sustainable urban development; social and environmental policies; inequality and poverty reduction; food security policies and practice; vocational training and life-long learning; and political science in adult education. During the 1980/90s she lived and worked in several Asian countries, chiefly in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and in Latin America.

Education& Training
Martina, a German national, holds a Master of Arts in Political Science, International Affairs, Economics and Social Geography from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany. She is also a political journalist and provided lectures on journalism and public affairs.

Recent publications: Li, Lina, Kampmann, Martina, 2017, Science Direct Elsevier, “A common vision among divergent interests, New governance strategies and tools for a sustainable urban transition” (Urban transition conference, Shanghai, September 2017); Martina Kampmann, Uli Meyer, Patrick Rosenau, DGVN, Berlin, November 2017, Policy Paper on the reform of the UN (social media and website); Martina Kampmann et al EITI and multistakeholder policies, Humbold Viadrina Governance Platform, 2016/17;
Presentation: “Towards Resilient Cities, three elements for a sustainable urban future”, Global X-Event, Hamburg, April 2017; OECD Series on Post 2015: Policy Dialogues, knowledge sharing and mutual learning (OECD, June 2014); The Knowledge Sharing Alliance, OECD brochure, Oct 2014; Draft OECD Working paper on Leveraging Knowledge Sharing (Nov 2014).

Martina is able to work in English, German, French and Spanish speaking environments.