Multi-Stakeholder Strategy

For leaders who want to include other stakeholders (e.g. other ministries, NGOs, private sector) in a participative strategy process, so as these stakeholders work to the same agenda.

What can 4Sing offer?

4Sing uses inter-active workshop methods and the power of software visualisation to guide a group of stakeholders through a series of steps, including: identification of key decision questions; agreement on the alternative options for answering each key decisions question, and the goals of the strategy, before allowing them to identify which strategic options best meet their goals, and hence to select one particular strategic path as being preferable. It is then possible to identify the steps needed for implementation and the milestones to be measured.

Why engage in a multi-stakeholder strategy?

One key challenge in governance is that government cannot simply decree for something to happen and expect that everything will then work. In many cases, if outside stakeholders do not work together in support of the government’s strategy, it will simply not function. Worse, if they deliberately try to undermine the strategy, it can lead to disaster. Hence in many cases it is at least worth trying to identify together some key points of commonality which allows the government to get the buy-in of these other stakeholders, not just when developing the strategy but also when implementing it.