Petra Wiesbrock

Fields of expertise

      • Use of tools for communication, decision making and publications;
      • On-line consultation and communication;
      • Developing monitoring tools and processes;
      • Building effective consultative processes with stakeholders;
      • Urbanisation, transport, resilience, social inclusion and technology.

Current activity
Petra Wiesbrock is since 2013 a strategy consultant with 4Sing GmbH. Since then she has been involved inter alia in the development, visualisation and communication of scenarios and strategies for a multinational corporation in Europe and Asia, training staff of client organisations on the Parmenides Eidos™ decision making tool suite, developing monitoring systems including action plans and Key Performance Indicators for a complex project in the Southern Caucuses, preparation and execution of a crowd-sourced future visioning project in Hamburg using Futurescaper™, developing and visualising a wargame for clients in the Netherlands and co-creating further gaming material for resilience-testing of organisations with an international team from Europe and the USA, as well as creating new formats of reports for meetings in an e-book and multi-media format. Petra is also a PhD candidate, working on urban informality and complexity based on the example of the rapidly changing urban neighbourhood Sijoumi in Tunis, Tunisia.

Previous experience
Petra has previously held a number of different posts, covering over three and half years of employment, both as expert consultant and intern between and during her studies. In parallel to working for 4Sing in late 2013 Petra was employed part-time by the World Bank for some months to work on a multi-modal transport project in Brazil. Moreover she has worked with the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ – German development co-operation) in Da Nang, Vietnam, on making the town an “eco-city”. Also she held a number of posts in Hamburg dealing with stakeholder participation in territorial planning projects, including citizens’ involvement e.g. with Next Hamburg, Urbanista, Luchterhandt, the International Building Exhibition (IBA) and STATTBAU Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.

Education & Training
Petra has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, and a Master’s degree in Urban Design, both from the HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany.

Petra is able to work in English, French, and German speaking environments.