Samir Al Ali

Fields of expertise

      • Tool based reasoning for scenario and strategy building;
      • Negotiations and conflict management;
      • Participatory decision making processes.

Previous experience
Samir Al Ali worked from 2013 until 2016 as a strategy consultant with The European School of Governance in Berlin. During that period, he was involved in several projects in Libya inter alia, Building Capacities for Security Governance and Community Safety in Libya “EU project”, Creation of a Strategic Planning Unit at Zawia University and Training staff of client organisations on the Parmenides Eidos™ decision making tool suite. In Iraq he was involved in the UNDP’s project for Supporting institutions to lead the public-sector modernization process.

Current activity
Since 2015 Samir has been involved with 4Sing GmbH as a freelance consultant, working on the development and communication of scenarios and strategies for clients in the Netherlands and developing strategies and action plans for clients in Georgia. In parallel to working for 4Sing Samir was executing projects for The National Centre for Research and Development in Warsaw, Poland and The Netherlands Court of Audit in The Hague and The Public Education Evaluation Commission in KSA.

Education & Training
Samir has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, from Wroclaw University of Technology, and a Postgraduate diploma in Public Sector Management from Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland

Samir is able to work in Arabic, English, and Polish speaking environments.