Faten Khamassi


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Foresight | Multi-stakeholder | Knowledge | Tools | Implementation

Faten has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of corporate strategy, value chain analysis and in the development of clusters in different Mediterranean and African countries, including a number of projects in French-speaking parts of sub-Saharan Africa. She acted as an expert facilitator of workshop with participative approach, for strategy development, AURA and EIDOS and acted as an expert in agri-business and rural development. She has been a Member of the national committee for the Small Grant Program / UNDP since 2010. Faten holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and is author of several scientific publications on value chain analysis and analysis of competition. She was also pedagogical coordinator of the training in engineering cycle for the Agribusiness Management and a member of the scientific staff of INAT, taking an active role in the reform of the training of engineers. She was also Scientific Coordinator of the professional master in Agri-Food Management and has been nominated visiting professor at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier, IAMM, since 2012. She has organised and facilitated several trainings on agri-food value chain analysis and clusters at national and international levels. Faten has also coordinated and participated in several projects for the development of the agribusiness value chains at national and international level.