Lindiwe Khumalo

Lindiwe Khumalo


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Communication | Analysis | Research | Foresight | Strategy | Tools

Lindiwe’s journey since joining 4sing has been a deep dive into foresight and strategy. This follows a long-held desire to find  rigorous structured methodologies that help individuals and organisations cope with an ever-changing world. Her role is in providing analysis, the tools, and the communication means needed to present plausible, possible, and probable futures and options that help clients strengthen their resilience in the future. In 2021 Lindiwe enrolled with the School of International Futures for a Virtual Foresight Strategic Program that included coaching, investigating, ordering and scoping. The program aimed at helping the group become better future strategic planners as the various groups where trained on various aspects of the nature of the client. Not only is she a junior consultant she plays a role in the finance side of the company. The journey she has embarked on has helped her understand the importance of role playing and war games for an insightful foresight and strategy outcome. She is also passionate about science and space. On her spare time she reads various history books and also learns how to code using online programs likeUniversity of People,Coursera, Udemy. She has knowledge using HTML,CSS,PYTHON,JAVASCRIPT.In her own words “I believe the future is digital.” She has attended various courses online focusing on different aspects of life like learning and space medicine.Lindiwe has previously worked in marketing in South Africa on various roles as part of the client services  and finance team.

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