Training in Methods and Tools

Which methods and tools are best used by your organisation when deciding on new projects, investments or strategies? And how can use of such tools and methods be generalised?

What can 4Sing offer?

4Sing is constantly experimenting with tools and methods to identify when they are best used, and under what conditions they provide most benefit. As a result, 4Sing is often asked to share its knowledge of best practices, and to help clients develop templates for decision making workflows, so as to spread best practice across organisations. 4Sing can help identify the processes, methods and tools that your organisation needs, as well as training the colleagues who will provide these services in-house or who will train others in this (“train the trainer”). In addition, 4Sing can back-stop/coach the needs of these colleague and help create best practice manuals if desired.

Why create in-house capacity in tools and methods?

Whilst consultants such as 4Sing can come in and help on major projects, there may be a multiplicity of decisions that would benefit from use of tools and methods, and where it makes little sense to have regular recourse to outsiders – and that from a financial, knowledge retention and possibly security/political sensitivity point of view. Moreover, spreading awareness of methods and tools with colleagues is important to making the DNA of the organisation more efficient in its use of meeting time and collaborative in its decision making methods.